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Student’s Activities

At Premier Academy, students learn in a safe, inclusive space, where they are offered a wide-range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities to support their academic and social learning. With numerous student centered clubs, fully fledged Sporting department headed by director of sports, exhaustive academic departments and numerous channels to assist students as they develop during their high school years, we recognize each student as a valued individual. We believe in building the future today.

Studies show that students involved in co-curricular activities are more likely to perform better academically, develop effective leadership skills and express greater satisfaction with their school experience than others who do not participate. We encourage our students to build up their portfolio as we provide an enabling environment in clubs and school activities. The school activities include MUN, Scouting, Climate Change Initiative and Debating. These encounters allow our children to compete with students in other international schools in Kenya, and occasionally, with schools elsewhere in the world.

Academic Competitions

We ensure children are given opportunities to compete using all their gifts and talents.  Academic competitions that take place include Writing competitions, Art competitions, Mathematics Challenges, quizzes, elocution and spelling bee. 


We know that our children are leaders in their own capacity and have potential for greater world and opinion leaders.  Our students are able to hone their leadership skills through the student council, becoming prefects, club leaders or house captains.  In addition, the Model United Nations and President’s Awards offer our students real-life opportunities to learn and excel in forums outside of school. Our clubs activities are also students driven.

The list of clubs and activities offered are described in the attached booklet. Club Activities Handbook 23-24.pdf

Premier Academy Clubs