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Sports & PE

We take sports seriously at Premier Academy and celebrate our sporting achievements just as much as academic successes.

Our students enjoy an extensive timetabled program for PE including Health-related fitness, Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Rounder, Netball, Volleyball, hockey and Athletics. Our curriculum offers great breadth, with students also participating privately in activities as diverse as Squash, Golf, Archery, Go-carting, Tae Kwondo & dancing. This offer is further enhanced by our games program which allows all students exposure to competitive team sports throughout the year. We, the Physical Education Department at Premier Academy, believe that sport and exercise is a fundamental part of every child’s education.

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Healthy Competition

For senior students competition is important. Playing sport at school is more fun because children get to work with (and perhaps win) their friends and peers. It’s a bonding experience that encourages them to work together towards a common goal. Depending on the sport, it can also reinforce values of teamwork, discipline, morale, self-confidence and responsibility, all of which are vital if children are to grow up into well-rounded adults. People will always face competition in one form or another throughout life, and sport should teach students how to be gracious in both victory and defeat as well as accept that they can’t win all the time.

Going for Win

All our students of all ages from kindergarten to higher secondary take part in the termly inter-house  & inter-school competitions of Athletics, Football, Cricket in the first term; Swimming, Basketball & Hockey in the second term; Netball, Volleyball & Football in the third term.
 It has also become a tradition to send our Primary and Secondary football teams to Europe for high-performance training and competitions. From June 2014 to April 2019 our boys & girls football teams visited Salou in Spain and Bolton & Manchester City Club in the United Kingdom.


All our teams train during the week from 6:30 am – 7:30 am and from 3:30-4:30 pm. Some Primary teams use even their lunchtime breaks. We try to widen our Curriculum at school as much as possible so that every child not only gets a wide range of abilities but also they have the chance to find the sport that they really like and hopefully engage in it outside of school with much greater intensity. 

Premier Academy Sports
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Students in action