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Premier Academy PTA

Dear Parents and Guardians,

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.”
~ Mike Krzyzewski

On behalf of the Premier Academy Parents Teachers Association, I welcome you to the Premier Academy family. The Premier Academy PTA endeavors to act as the bridge between the School and the Parents. For the bridge to function effectively, we need
teamwork and communication.

The PTA functions through a Chairperson, duly elected at the AGM, and volunteers who work in the Executive Committee in various capacities. The PTA Executive Committee also reaches out to parents to create various sub-committees for specific purposes.

It remains our sincere hope that parents shall reach out to the members of the EC or the Year Group Administrators for any pertinent issue that they face with their wards’ education. The EC always advises parents to reach out to concerned offices first if they wish any grievance to be addressed. We also believe that we need to be open and specific with our communication. When such open and specific communication is not possible, you may also reach out to the PTA by writing to

We believe that learning must be continuous, and learning does not only take place in the classrooms. We shall continue to discuss pertinent issues with parents and attempt to find solutions. A solution for one student shall also be a solution for many.

We thank you for the support extended thus far. Our journey has had its share of ups and downs and we wish to use these experiences to enhance our collaboration and teamwork.

The Executive committee consists of the following members:

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