The Academy boasts of spacious classrooms which accommodate up to 25 students in each. The students sit in groups in which they are given tasks in the student centred method of learning. There are fully equipped Art and Music rooms for specialized teaching of these subjects.


The Academy has an ultra-modern Library with more than 5000 books and 20 Computers. There is internet access that enables students to research. The Library has a sitting capacity of 150 students. It is manned by a qualified Librarian and an assistant.


Science Laboratories
There are 4 Junior and 3 Senior fully equipped science laboratories. The labs have projectors which make learning fun.


IT Labs
The Academy has 2 IT Labs; Senior and Junior. The labs are equipped with the latest Desktop computers and have internet access.


Audio Visual Rooms
These are 3 in number. The rooms have projectors with comfortable easy chairs for conference learning.


Book Store
There is a book store from which both students and staff are issued stationery and text books.


Counselling Room
The Academy has a counselling room with a qualified counsellor.


Sports Facilities
• 3 Sports Fields
• Basketball Court
• Badminton & Tennis Courts
• Swimming Pool


The Academy also has:
• 4 Buses and a Van
• A Canteen which serves hot lunch and snacks
• Spacious Parking