Pastoral Care in Premier Academy

In Premier Academy the Pastoral Department seeks to inspire in our students, a joy and commitment to learning that will last a life time. The pastoral system in the Senior School is specially tailored so that each and every student is encouraged to make the very most of their time at Premier Academy.

The Pastoral System is organized in year groups, under the leadership of a Head of Secondary. The three year groups include:

1. The lower school has year 7 –9.

2. The middle group has year 10-11.

3. The high school has year 12 – 13.

When a pupil joins Premier Academy he or she is placed in a class under the care of a Home Room Tutor, who will, as far as possible, progress through the various

Secondary sections with the year group. A pastoral Coordinator leads each team of home room tutors in each of the year groups and oversees each student’s progress throughout their education journey.

The Home Room Tutor is the first point of contact for parents and teachers on any issue concerning the child and is responsible for monitoring all aspects of welfare and academic progress. Premier Academy actively promotes strong links with parents to ensure that at all times necessary key people are kept fully informed of any concerns that Premier Academy or parents may have.

The core goals of the pastoral department in Premier Academy:

  •  Cultivate a climate of respect, trust and appreciation between all members of the premier community.
  • Providing a caring community where all young people feel safe and secure.
  • Enable students to build their confidence and self-discipline.
  •  Enable students to become responsible studnets of the school and citizens of the country.

We organize pastoral trips for Year 7, 10 and twelve students to enable them interact freely and build teamwork.


Year 7 (2015) students building collaboration.

Our parents have been very supportive in our efforts to guide the students to

become creative, confident and self-reliant.