The school has 16 Clubs which contact their affairs on Friday afternoons. Some of these include; Environmental, Zumba(fitness), Young Entrepreneurs, IT, Cookery, Wildlife, Debate, Chess, Mechanics, Literary, Scouting, Singing and Creative Life skills.


Programs are similar to Clubs but they are on-going or seasonal. Programs meet any day/ time other than Friday afternoon. These include; Premier Outreach, Press, TED Educational, Peer Counselling, MUN, First Aid and the Presidential Award scheme.

Each student must belong to at least one Club and a Program of his/her choice.
They are run by a Patron with a team of passionate teachers with a students’ leadership structure. Reports on Clubs/Programs activities may be followed from noticeboards, assemblies, school facebook page, magazines and newsletters.

They are required to engage, align and affiliate with other bodies that carry a similar mandate outside the school. A club or a program is expected to have at least one out of campus engagement every term.